Year in Review

In early 2010, I started my blog completely over, eventually moving it from to . I didn’t know if I could stick with a blog that didn’t talk about politics and religion or have stream of conscious-type writing, since I spent the previous 7-8 years on various blog sites writing just like that.

But, it’s been fantastic and freeing. I miss the old, but it was time for something new and I’m glad I made the jump. I no longer consider this place my “diary”, but rather a “record of projects”, which really represents my ENTP self, haha.

It’s been a year of vintage, snail mail, art and lots of photos! Here are some of the more interesting things happening around here:

1.) Regular features: Snail Mail Monday, Postcard Thursday & Quick Tips.
2.) Vintage goodies.
2.) SMAIP project: Send Me An Instant Photo!
4.) Looking for a penpal? My address is over on the right hand side of the blog. ——–>
3.) My “firsts” list. This is a list of things I’ve done or experienced for the first time in my life. I think it’s much more fun than resolutions. I’m sure there are things missing, but this is what I have for 2010..

went to smithsonian, saw hope diamond, saw women joining trinitarian third order, man digging through trashcan for food, march for life, three snow storms [snowpocalypse!], used a [mini diana] toy camera, dyed hair pink, became a skywarn spotter, zentangle, painted on canvas, circle journal, art journal, art journal class, wrote letters/had penpals, postcrossing, finished a painting, painted picture frames, fish market, made sushi, got a patio set, dierks bentley concert, went to a club in baltimore, ate chicken feet, summer camp class, signed up to sell mark., went tubing (water), got an instax mini, got a vintage sewing machine, pictures on railroad tracks, conquered fabric stores, went to a craft show, made something for somebody else/participated in a swap, embroidered, traced my feet in chalk, made cupcakes, drawing class, sewing class/learning to sew, got an electric typewriter, decorated a room in a way i like, created a craft space, buckcherry/flyleaf concert, got new record of a current band, went to the ER, went to Colorado, Pike’s Peak, Garden of the Gods, solved a 4×4 rubik’s cube, got a DSLR, start a camera collection

I’m ready for another year of new experiences! Happy New Year!

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  • Sam

    That first’s list is great. Lots of awesome things this year.

  • Pickle Jess

    I heart this 🙂 The firsts list is a great idea.

  • Hey Lauren. I just wanted to say that the Hansel and Gretel quote cracked me up! Very funny, I addd it to the post (with a link to your blog) so that other people can appreciate it. 🙂
    I look forward to your new year blog plans!
    xBeth (Deer Little Fawn)

  • I just love thes end of the year posts! I just did mine! They are so fun and so is that M&Ms photo!
    Happy New Year Ms. Lauren!

  • Howdy neighbor! (I live in Northern Virginia.)

    Wow, so many new experiences! I look forward to see what you tackle in 2011. BTW, I love your photo project, but unfortunately I have neither a Polaroid camera nor the means to acquire one. But I can admire them from afar. 🙂

    –melydia from swap-bot

  • Wow, you did a lot in 2010. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2011.

  • I love that you’re living life and trying new things! And I do love your blog too.
    And I’m not just saying that because you paid me. 😉

  • Chrissy

    Hey Sweetie,
    I just passed on the Trendy Blog Award! Go check it out on my blog!
    Hugs xxx