Kaylee: 7 Months

Kaylee turned 7 months old on the 24th!

Here are some of the things she’s done over the last month:

– She’s started babbling “mamama” and “dadada”.
– She recognizes the sign language sign for “milk” and can reproduce it while she’s eating.
– She can sit up on her own (when we put her there).
– She tries to give “kisses” by sticking her tongue out! I was playing around with her, giving her kisses, when she started sticking out her tongue, and I thought it was just random, but then she kept doing it. She’ll also just open her mouth.

And her official monthly pictures up until this point! I have other ones too that are beside a stuffed zebra, but I didn’t do the first month with those, and they’re also not all on my computer.

She’s starting to get hard to fit inside the circle/on the receiving blanket, lol!

It’s interesting to me how her face changed right after the first month into the same face she has today.








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