Well, guys, it’s been over a year. I don’t even really know how this happened, except every time I thought I’d write something, I just sort of groaned and didn’t quite want to, and I’m never happy with state of this blog, it never feels like *me* – and it really bothers me when things don’t reflect who I am. I still don’t want to write, but I feel guilty, so here I am, haha.

Kaylee will be two in January, she’s amazing and insane. I’m going back to school in January for psychology and philosophy. We bought a house in September in a Gilmore Girls-like walkable small town.

I don’t really know what to say, so here’s a random Kaylee word list, haha:

all gone, uh oh, daddy, doggy, ducky, kitty, i love you, ow, nom, stink, drink, thank you, banana, this (everything is *this* – point to something, this, hand me something, this)

She just recently made the sign for “I love you”. I said “I love you” to her, without making the sign, and she made the sign in return. <3 In this first photo, she's doing the Chicken Dance. 😉






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