My Camera Collection

Pugly Pixel did a post showing her camera collection, which is very fun so I’m doing the same.

1. Polaroid Impulse 2. Polaroid Onestep 3. Kodamatic 4. Fuji Instax Mini 7s 5. Kodak 35mm b&w disposable 6. Diana mini 7. Canon A560 8. Polaroid 35mm 9. Olympus 35mm 10. HTC Android w/Vignette App (taking the pic!)

1. This one was our Polaroid growing up. I need to get some film for it.
2. I got this from Freecycle before I ended up finally getting number one in my possession.
3. I have no idea if finding film for the Kodamatic is possible. It is an instant camera and I think competed with Polaroid at the time. If anyone knows how to find film for this, I’d love to try it out.
4. My favorite!
5. Just a disposable with b&w film that I haven’t quite finished up yet.
6. Another favorite. Right now the first roll of film happens to be stuck and won’t wind. I guess when I cut that one out of there, I’ll get it [partially] developed.
7. My regular digital camera. I use my cell most of the time, anymore.
8. My 35mm growing up. (Not my first, but I think maybe second.)
9. I think this one is broken, lol. I should get rid of it.
10. I pretty much use this over my actual digital camera most of the time, unless I need some decent zoom.
11. My invisible DSLR.

There is a major problem with my collection. It’s missing a DSLR, because I DON’T HAVE ONE YET. I’m hoping to get one from Christmas, but that’s so far away. That is my number one camera wishlist item!

I also want: vintage cameras (that don’t necessarily work), a good vintage SLR that does work, a flash for the Diana mini, and more toy cameras (especially the Holga). I’m always looking at the old cameras at flea markets and antique shops.. some day I will own one!

Share your camera collection and then go to Pugly Pixel and add your post to the linky widget.

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  • You have a lot of cameras.

  • chrissy

    OMG NOT A DSLR!!!!!
    lol like I know what that is :p

  • I love your polaroids! I really need to add one to my collection, i’m hoping to find one in a charity shop or car boot soon.

  • ana

    saw your post from katrina’s blog & i love your camera collection! very cute 😀

  • Polaroiiiiiiiid!!!!!! <3
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  • what an awesome camera collection!
    I love the diana mini’s, im thinking i need to get one, is it common for the film to get stuck? yikes! I hope you can salvadge it and get it processed 🙂

  • a vintage slr is on my wishlist, too.

    i enjoyed your collection — thanks for sharing it, Lauren! 🙂

  • Zoe

    Oh wow, I’m so envious! I only have one camera! I really want a DSLR too, even if it is trendy.

  • Nice collection! Have you tried The Impossible Project for your Polaroids? I didn’t have much luck with their film, but you may have better luck.