new tv stand

here is the buffet table that was converted into a tv stand. i think it’s kind of big for our space, but it’s beautiful and it was cheap, so i decided that it didn’t matter. it’s not like we’ll be here in this rental forever.

the “before” space – we were using an old coffee table temporarily.


the previous owner converted the drawers into pull down spaces. it looks like she pulled the drawers out, took off the front of the drawer, and put the front back on with hinges.

the whole living room.. which actually is the dining room portion of the room, but the way our front door is situated, there is literally no room in that half of the room. (it currently has a desk and bookshelf in it, oh and all the stuff that i hid from this half of the room to make the pictures look nicer, of course!)

and the corner where my favorite vintage suitcases are sitting currently, until i find a better place for them.

i still have a lot to do, but i really like how things are coming together. this is the first time in my life that i’ve liked how a room of mine has looked. i want gray and yellow added.

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  • melissa

    I don’t see any pictures of me on the wall.

  • Wow! I love everything! The TV stand is beautiful! And the whole room just looks awesome!!

  • that tv stand is beautiful!

    love the lamp/shelf too

  • Wow, brilliant use of the drawers! Hinges, how smart!

  • Love love love it. I’m jealous of how put together it all looks. 🙂 Happy for you !

  • It looks really great! I love how the person converted the dresser. Really neat! The space looks really nice!

  • I LOVE it! it looks so much more you now than it the way it used to!! and that table was such a great find!! 😀

  • wow! great looking dresser and it’s cool the way the drawer fronts are now hinged. looks like your living area is coming together nicely! have fun!