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Dreams: My (Future) Daughter

had my first dream ever about this baby girl inside of me! She was about three years old and really cute – I couldn’t see her face in details, but I could tell she had one of those really pretty faces that everytime I see them on another child, I fall in love. She had […]

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Dreams & Pumpkin Carving

Not a super fascinating life-changing dream last night but I liked it. I dreamed I was working in a library, which I totally would love to do. I wasn’t a librarian, but just stacked books, went through donations, things like that. Which.. kinda sounds like fun, especially going through all of the books and deciding […]

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Dreams: Kidnapping & Robbery

Last night, I dreamed I was getting ready to go with my sister and her friends to a fair, but had forgotten something back at my house. The house was the house I grew up in (but was apparently currently living in). The door was slightly open, so I thought someone forgot to lock, but […]

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Dreams: It’s eerily quiet in here

I usually dream about boring things, like daily things, the past or future things I’m expecting, but usually twisted, with people swapping out halfway or rooms changing around. They’re usually realistic, but off. I very rarely dream about something created, fictional or fantasy, something new. When this happens it’s a welcome, albeit overwhelming thing. Mostly, […]

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