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Well, guys, it’s been over a year. I don’t even really know how this happened, except every time I thought I’d write something, I just sort of groaned and didn’t quite want to, and I’m never happy with state of this blog, it never feels like *me* – and it really bothers me when things […]

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Vote for Kaylee in Gerber Photo Contest!

Friends! Will you please vote for Kaylee in the Gerber Photo Search 2014? Her entry ID is: 349460 and she is in the crawler milestone. You will have to make an account to vote, but it only takes a minute, and you can search for her in the gallery by her ID. You can vote […]

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Kaylee Photo Shoot

I’ve been thinking about entering Kaylee in the Gerber photo contest, so I tried to take a photo for it. I didn’t end up with anything I wanted, but I did end up with a cute little photo shoot anyway. Can you believe she’s 9 months old already?

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Baby Led Weaning: Strawberries & Avocado

Strawberries are definitely a hit. She really gnaws through them – it’s really amazing watching – like, she can really grip them and gnaw through them and they’re the perfect size. Her first time with strawberries.. she ate five of them! Avocado is harder to keep a hold of (similar to bananas) but she seems […]

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Baby Led Weaning: Waffles, Plums & Cantaloupe

For her second “official day”, Kaylee tried waffles, plums and cantaloupe! Kaylee has no problems tearing through the waffles (in fact, she ate two!), she ate half of a plum (minus the skin), but cantaloupe is still a bit hard for her – she can gnaw on it in the center, mushier part. Next time […]

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Baby Led Weaning: Mashed Bananas On Toast Strips

We’re doing baby led weaning, instead of traditional weaning with Kaylee. In traditional weaning, the baby goes from breast milk/formula to cereals/purees that are spoonfed to them, then gradually thicken the purees, and slowly add solid foods. In baby led weaning, cereals and/or purees are skipped, and the baby feeds himself from the start of […]

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Kaylee: 7 Months

Kaylee turned 7 months old on the 24th! Here are some of the things she’s done over the last month: – She’s started babbling “mamama” and “dadada”. – She recognizes the sign language sign for “milk” and can reproduce it while she’s eating. – She can sit up on her own (when we put her […]

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This face.

Ever since Kaylee was born, I’ve been playing around with the idea of baby modeling.. I wonder what it takes to get started with something like that. Mostly just a passing thought though, but still, it would be kinda cool.. who could resist this face?!

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Late Night Musings

Taken from my journal: sometimes my thoughts feel so removed and complex from the world around me that I feel burdened to share them.. i don’t want to have to explain a life long back story to be understood. even on paper they lack the nuance and depth of what i’m really thinking – i […]

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Baby Snuggles

GUYS. I love my baby so much. ♥ Baby snuggles

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