Dreams: It’s eerily quiet in here

I usually dream about boring things, like daily things, the past or future things I’m expecting, but usually twisted, with people swapping out halfway or rooms changing around. They’re usually realistic, but off. I very rarely dream about something created, fictional or fantasy, something new. When this happens it’s a welcome, albeit overwhelming thing. Mostly, my subconscious creativity surprises me. I wouldn’t necessarily call this one a nightmare, but I’m still feeling it hours later.

Last night I was on a huge ship or a boat or a submarine that ended up trapped in Antarctica, under tons and tons of ice. We were living under there, waiting to be rescued. We had food, supplies and electricity. We had a working radio, because I remember hearing on the news that our expedition of sorts went missing. We all reacted by yelling at the radio. We couldn’t contact anyone and no one knew where we were, let alone how to rescue us. We all wished we could at least tell our family that we were alive, but we couldn’t. We had been there awhile, because we were comfortable.

Then one day, two of my friends went exploring and I decided to tag along. We found a door that opened out into a long passage. It was sitting under a tube of sorts that would normally blow out air or rotate a fan if it had access to the air or moving water. It was, of course, typically unmoving. This time we noticed it moving. So, we crawled into the passage and we came out of the other end, in an.. airport. (An airport, by the way, that reoccurs in my dreams, but doesn’t exist in real life, [as far as I know]).

My friends are enjoying the freedom and I am thinking “why in the world are we not telling anyone that we are free? Or that the rest of us are trapped? Why aren’t we getting help?” And, we never do. I have no idea why I don’t or why they don’t, but I am left with the sensation that it would have been pointless. Who would have believed us? Who would believe that we were in the lost expedition and that this expedition, trapped under ice, assumingly in Antarctica, was under this particular airport?

After our little adventure, we went back into the passageway and back into the ship. I don’t recall anything directly after that, but at some point we returned to the door, hoping to show others our escape. But, when we returned, the tube with the fan had stopped moving, again. I heard my friend yell (who at this point I think was me and I was watching myself).

“No! It moved! The ship sank further down!” I said.

Then I woke up.

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  • that’s an odd dream…

  • That’s an intense dream I think I would still be feeling it for a few days. And that’s really odd about the reoccurring airport too. Wonder if it means something?

  • it’s so weird when dreams stick around like that . . . and recurring dreams or portions of dreams are strange to me. sometimes i *think* i’ve dreamed it before but i’m just not sure LOL

  • wow! i am always fascinated when dreams turn into narratives (albeit totally weird ones). very cool though. i often wish i remembered mine in greater detail.
    funny story tho — i dreamt last night i was on vacation in italy with my husband. he had to leave as he had to be at work the next day, but i had that monday off, so i stayed in rome. so when i woke up this morning i thougth “OH, i don’t have to work today.” NOT true, it turns out. : P
    i’d classify that as a “re-entering reality fail.” ha ha.