Dreams: My (Future) Daughter

had my first dream ever about this baby girl inside of me! She was about three years old and really cute – I couldn’t see her face in details, but I could tell she had one of those really pretty faces that everytime I see them on another child, I fall in love. She had long-ish brown hair, in pigtails, and it was a little bit curly.

In the dream, she was kidnapped – sort of – we saw her being taken into two guys’ car and very angrily, Sam went racing across a Hobby Lobby parking lot to try to chase them down. Except, they stopped and told us that they weren’t taking her, but rather saw her alone and were trying to help her find her parents.

When she got out of the car, she ran up to Sam, grabbed his hand, and yelled, “Daddy!”

Ack, can this be more sweet – “seeing” my daughter – and having a “Daddy’s girl” moment?

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