Dreams: Kidnapping & Robbery

Last night, I dreamed I was getting ready to go with my sister and her friends to a fair, but had forgotten something back at my house. The house was the house I grew up in (but was apparently currently living in). The door was slightly open, so I thought someone forgot to lock, but we hadn’t been gone long. But as I walked in, I started getting a bad feeling, so I called out to see if anyone was there. I heard noise in the basement, then guy came up with a child and I tried to back out the front door but he blocked me.

I’m not sure what started happening over the next bit, but the guy was in another room, so I started talking to the child and trying to memorize what he looked like in case I had to give a description to the police (I would normally never remember the details of someone’s face; I had to give it special attention – and oddly his face was quite detailed in this dream, despite my usual dreams where faces are not). He had blonde hair and blue-ish green eyes and a more oval/pointier face, probably about five years old and said he was kidnapped from Westmoreland County, outside of Pittsburgh, around three hours away (an odd fact to show up, as I didn’t realize I knew this county name..) I listened to him talk and tried to make him feel calm, but he was very calm, chatty and matter-of-fact.

The man came back in the room and I think was losing patience and finally pointed a gun at my head. I started praying silently for myself but mostly for the boy, that he’d get out safely and get home, my thoughts were completely on him and the situation.

The man then looked at the child and gave him directions with his eyes – telling him to shoot me. The child pulled out a gun and aimed, but looked conflicted – the man didn’t see the confliction and I tried to avoid calling attention. But I knew in that moment that the man had taught him to shoot and the boy had done this before, he would not shoot me.

He aimed the gun at the man’s head and shot him dead with one, decisive shot.

There was some scrambling around, I dialed 911 and then woke up.

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  • Sam

    Dang, that’s a crazy dream. Weird that the kid’s face was so familiar — any chance you’ve seen him before?

    • Lauren

      Nope, it’s weird. Both the boy and the man were created faces, which is not normal for me.

  • tina

    Thats one scary ass dream! Holy crap!
    What the heck did you have to eat the night before to make you dream so vividly/dangerously?!

    • Lauren

      Nothing out of the ordinary! I dream like this frequently. :/ Though this one wasn’t actually very vivid or intense compared to other ones lol.

  • Bre

    Whoa, that was intense! I once heard somewhere that if you see someone’s face in a dream it’s the face of an actual person that you have seen at some point in time of your life. Weird, huh?

    • Lauren

      It’s weird because I usually DO have familiar faces in my dream – I didn’t recognize either the man or the boy though, but they must have been dug out from somewhere!