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Thrifted finds

I went thrifting for the first time in forever a few days ago. I wish I could do it every single day though. This is a sewing machine manual, but I got it to use as an art journal. I think it’s going to be my “throw in my purse with a glue stick, pen […]

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last month i did a quick envelope tutorial. i ended up making ten of them for a swapbot swap, so i thought i’d share! i adjusted a few of the sizes (you can adjust it in your pdf viewer and then print), but it was really easy and addicting. i used magazine pages, vintage paper, […]

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Guest Post: Fritzi Marie

Happy Monday! (haha) I have another guest post here from Fritzi Marie! And, a little giveaway too! How exciting! (I’ll choose the winner on.. hmm, how about Thursday??) Dearest Oh, Lauren Friends, I’m sitting in for our dear Lauren and wishing her a speedy recovery.  My name is Fritzi Marie and I love to make […]

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Forest Fancies Pyrex

I am now officially a collector of vintage Pyrex! Yes, me and everyone else who has a similar blog to mine! Haha, I don’t mind though, if I didn’t see other people talking about them constantly, I would have never realized that they’re very pretty and they’re exactly my sort of thing. I have been […]

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Picture Frame Wall

I finally decorated the area above my sewing machine. I was waiting for a few more picture frames and I ended up getting a whole box from Freecycle, so I was finally able to start it. I might keep adding more. And I painted the painting on the table. Oh! And that’s one of the […]

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vintage tables

I never posted my “new” kitchen table! I love this table so much and my husband doesn’t but I am working on changing his mind about it. I will win out. He doesn’t like the gold trim, but I kinda have to say that’s a necessary part of what I like the best about it, […]

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vintage fabric

Somewhere I saw the advice to thrift old pillow cases in order to get vintage fabric, so that’s what I did. The flowery ones are my favorite.

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rva summer camp + dishes

Yay!! I’m an official.. six weeks of craftiness.. i can’t wait til it starts!! [go purchase a spot in the class if you haven’t already!] also.. so, i said that i went up to PA & it was like thrifting. well, here are all the dishes i got. sorry for the crap pictures.. i was […]

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more old {goodies}

i am sad and hopeless and i cannot ever open one box without opening every single other box, especially if that box has pictures in it. my dad used to work on helicopters. mom me! my dad proof that 1. i was not adopted and 2. sam & i are way too much like my […]

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ah, new love

i am looking through an old scrapbox that is mainly filled with my mom’s old things [looking for some potential vintage ephemera, but i think i threw it all out years ago when i was trying to narrow down the mess that was my mom being a packrat- i and know there was some good […]

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