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The one with the living room

We just got a new couch from Ikea and side table.. and I put up a bunch of pictures on our wall (moved them from the hallway.. needed a change). So here’s a sneak peak into my new living room/dining room area! It’s not perfect but I’m liking it so far.. definitely the closest to […]

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Weekend in Photos

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hair quickie

I dyed my hair a dark, dark brown (got sick of the inches of roots from when I dyed my hair pink and it faded and faded more and I dyed it a color that did a little but not really and of course not the roots and faded more, haha good story.) and then […]

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more old {goodies}

i am sad and hopeless and i cannot ever open one box without opening every single other box, especially if that box has pictures in it. my dad used to work on helicopters. mom me! my dad proof that 1. i was not adopted and 2. sam & i are way too much like my […]

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Project 365: Feb 9 – Feb 15

photo dump!! this is one large pickle. i love barrel pickles! our snow fort/cave thingy made during Snowverkill.. only people on the entire block outside in blizzard condition winds. 😉 the book i was intending on reading next, but that has changed now. I got this 2001 from my host family in Germany. The item […]

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Project 365: Feb 6 – Feb 8

so sparkly.. (might have to click this one!) stinky puppy is queen of the snow mountain! this is a dream come true.. i get serious cravings for orange soda, and it has to be crush.

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