Forest Fancies Pyrex

I am now officially a collector of vintage Pyrex! Yes, me and everyone else who has a similar blog to mine! Haha, I don’t mind though, if I didn’t see other people talking about them constantly, I would have never realized that they’re very pretty and they’re exactly my sort of thing.

I have been thrifting for them for awhile and have never seen any anywhere (other than Etsy and Ebay) and then all of a sudden someone offers these nesting mixing bowls on Freecycle! Um, yes! Zero dollars!

This pattern is called Forest Fancies which I learned from this awesome website called Pyrex Love, which you should check out. Unless, you’re my husband who has pretty much solidly made fun of me since getting these. “I guess anything can be found being collected on the internet”, says the geek who has all sorts of interests revolving around elves and trolls. At least mine are pretty and useful, haha!

I also collect campfire and woodland creature themed items, vintage thermoses, postcards and instant photos. And, well, anything vintage that’s cute and that I want to use or for decor, like my vintage typewriter and sewing machine. What kind of things do you collect?

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  • These are beauties, nicely done!

  • Love them!!! Awesome!!!

  • add that to the list of things I miss that are sitting in storage at my parents’ house – love the vintage pyrex!

  • Zoe

    Golly I love freecycle, I’ve nabbed some amazing things. Those bowls are so lovely though, I love the little mushroom!

  • They are really pretty. Will be using them or are they for display only?

  • Lauren

    @Hollie – I’m planning on using them and displaying them. 🙂

  • Yeah yeah! Pyrex is soooo cool. I love the ones pictured.

  • my grandmother has a bunch of vintage crap.
    do you have any interest in milk glass stuff?

  • I’m just a wannabe collector. I live vicariously through the collections of others. LOL. I do have a vintage owl collection. It currently resides in my living room out of child reach, but I want to find a new home for it all before he learns how to climb. I have some vintage fabrics in my stash, does that count? Oh and my beautiful teal vintage sewing machine, she’s my favorite of all.