rva summer camp + dishes

Yay!! I’m an official..

six weeks of craftiness.. i can’t wait til it starts!! [go purchase a spot in the class if you haven’t already!]


so, i said that i went up to PA & it was like thrifting. well, here are all the dishes i got. sorry for the crap pictures.. i was in a hurry to put them all away.

the thing is, none of these are really ones i would choose, but after cleaning them up real well, i decided that they’re kinda cute and we need dishes. 🙂 i like that the fruit ones are more blue-ish than green, that helps them look cuter to me.

these were my fave dishes growing up

i decided this is old lady, but acceptable to like anyway.

this one is great.. you can’t use it for food – there is a warning stamped on the bottom that says it can poison the food. i’m going to use this one and the next plate for my craft area [that doesn’t actually really exist at the moment]. and these two are my favorites. it’s funny how much my tastes have changed, because not even a few years ago, i would have hated these and liked the other ones better.

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  • That’s so awesome your going to be taking that class. I’d LOVE to but other things such as a truck have to come first. 🙁 Maybe one day. I hope you will post pics of your creations. 🙂

    I really like the last two dishes the best. 🙂 I also really like your preserve mugs/cannisters. They caught my eye immediately. I need to post a picture of my pretty vintage pyrex dish I bought recently.

  • My favorite is the old lady one. So cute! I really like the yellow bowl too. And the preserve canisters in the background look sweet!

    I’d love to take that class but it’s not in our budget even a little right now 🙁

    I shall be starting my tell your story journal hopefully this weekend!!
    And you should totally put your craft area downstairs in the basement…there’s plenty of room down there and you won’t have the animals all up on the stuffs.

  • I love all the dishes you recently acquired. I think the old lady ones and the last one pictured are my favorite.

    I too want to see what projects you come up with from your RVA class. I’m going to save up some money from my summer sales to take a future class with them. Maybe we’ll get to take one together sometime.

  • i love that last plate… so quirky and retro!

    im a RVA summer camper too… cant wait! see you there 🙂