The one with the living room

We just got a new couch from Ikea and side table.. and I put up a bunch of pictures on our wall (moved them from the hallway.. needed a change).

So here’s a sneak peak into my new living room/dining room area! It’s not perfect but I’m liking it so far.. definitely the closest to my taste that we’ve ever had! (That lamp doesn’t go there, but it blocked the pictures so I temporarily moved it.)

(Uh, ignore that box. I forgot to move it. Stupid Verizon sent us boxes to return our FIOS boxes except we didn’t cancel our account. lol Also, I didn’t clean up the coffee table. FOR SHAME.)

Here are some of my future plans:

– I still want to get a new coffee table.
– We need more color.. yellow and orange throw pillows?
– I’d love to get real curtains to go along with the sheers.. gray or yellow, depends, maybe with a pattern?

I haven’t found anything that I’ve liked yet or that is affordable, but I don’t know if you guys know this.. you can use table cloths as curtain panels and put them up with these clip things you can get at Target. You don’t have to make any holes and the table cloths already have a hem and they generally come in really close-to-curtain sizes, so no changes need to be made.

Also, one little other tip for you – these things are so awesome. Command makes these little velcro picture hanging strip things. You put one end on the picture, the other on the wall, and it makes picture hanging so incredibly easy. The only problem is some of the frames are too thin to use it on, but most of mine worked with it just fine.

I used push pins for the others – does anyone else stick push pins in the wall all the time – for light stuff – instead of nails because you’re super lazy? haha

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  • what a neat idea about table cloths! the yellow and orange pillows sound like a good accent, too. my son made a coffee table using an old wood door – turned out really neat! he cut it down and bought table legs at someplace (like home depot, etc). anyway, guess i’m ramblin’

    • Lauren

      That’s really cool! I’d like to do something like that!

  • ps – i’ve used those command strips and think they’re great!

  • Nicole

    Looks great! I agree that it looks “you.” you could also try looking at flat sheets to hang as curtains with the clips.

    • Lauren

      Good idea! I’ve seen people do that using vintage sheets (with all the pretty flowery patterns).

      I do think it’s looking closer to “me”! I’d ultimately love to mix french country with mid-century modern. Any chance it’s getting close? haha

  • Sam

    Saw this when I came upstairs this morning; it looks great!

    • Lauren

      Thanks husband!

  • I think it looks great 🙂 I was also going to suggest the flat sheet thing. I have never thought of using table cloths, that’s a great idea!