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Here’s my “little bit of everything” I’ve found around the internet this week:

    • NPR’s 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels. There are some great books on here – I’ve read 28 of them and I’ve started and own a few more than that.

    I’ve read the usual Harry Potter and Hunger Games, but I’m really excited to see so much John Green on here. I loved Paper Towns!

    And I love the Vampire Academy series! (And the spin-off Bloodlines.)

    I think I’m going to try to read them all. Anyone with me?

    You can go see everything I’ve read since 2006.

    David’s Tea! Lots of yummy looking tea and uhh.. tea stuff, I’m going to have to make an order soon, I’m thinking something from the tea samplers.

    • This is insane: Man Sentenced to 30 Days for catching rain water on his own property.

    20 Alcoholic Beverages Inspired by the Harry Potter Series. I’m a Gryffindor, and I approve of my drinks, they’re right up my alley, actually. I would totally do the Cinnamon Aftershock and Goldschläger shot. 😉

    • And finally, this dog is so cool. Stinky Puppy is terrified of water. (Seriously, what kind of dog doesn’t like to swim?!)

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  • Sam

    That dolphin video was awesome! I wonder if Molly would go in for dolphins..

    I’ve only read 11 of those books, but they were really good.

    • Lauren

      She wouldn’t go if there was an entire ocean full of treats. 😀

  • Meg

    I’m with you – I want to read all of those books. Funny, I’m working on a link post for randomness as of late and used the NPR book list as mine too. Even throwing you some link love in there 🙂
    LOVE the idea of listing all your books since 2006. I just don’t have the patience right now to copy them all into my book list haha.

    • Lauren

      Yay link love! I’m heading over. 😀

      I’ve been just keeping a running list since 2006 so I never had to do a mass update, which is nice, lol.

      • Meg

        Between the old BloopBookends pro board (somehow I remembered my log in and password to that and it’s still a live link) and goodreads I was able to do the same back to 2007. I’m stoked!

  • eee!!! That video is so Cute!!! Love it <3
    Babysitters club was my FAVE… I think i still have all of them somewhere… 🙂

    • Lauren

      I’m jealous if you still have yours!

  • Kirra

    I have only read six on the list, but one was Harry Potter and one was Twilight, so I don’t feel as bad. LOL. Some of those sound really good!