Five Interesting Things

I updated my bucket list , thinking about things I want to do. But I got a bit discouraged at the few things I’ve checked off. (I think I need to stick a few easy things on there.. haha!)

So, I thought I’d talk about five interesting things I HAVE done.

1. Gone white water rafting and caving: My senior year of high school, my calculus teacher took the class on a weekend trip to the Youghiogheny River right after we all graduated. We camped, took a bike ride to the place we had to go in for white rafting, and we went caving. And my dad went on the trip too, so that was pretty cool. My favorite part was the white water rafting and that’s definitely something I’d like to do again some day.

2. Moved across country: In 2005, I moved from York, PA to Joplin, Missouri to move closer to my now husband. It was a good experience living there, very different culture, even though it’s still the same country. I’m glad I lived there for four years and got to live near Sam’s family for that time, but truthfully, I have no desire to live in the midwest ever again, haha. I love the east coast. I like the quick paced vibe here, even in the country. I like mountains. I like lakes. The “wide open spaces” of the midwest are cool.. definitely something I’d recommend visiting.. but for living, they aren’t for me.

3. Visited Garden of the Gods: I talked about this one in detail in this post here, about the start of my Colorado trip here, Pike’s Peak here and the rest of the Colorado trip here, but wow, I was really amazed by this place. It’s very beautiful, and there is nothing like being in the rocks of the park and wild animals just walking by you. Amazing.

4. Gone to Toronto, New York, Florida & Germany: In high school, I was in marching band (trumpetz rule & stuff) and every year we went on a spring trip. What I remember about Toronto in 1998 is that it rained. A lot. Constantly. And of course we went to Niagara Falls. I have an awfully huge amount of photos of water, haha. We also saw The Phantom of the Opera at the Phantages Theatre and went up into the CN Tower, which has one of those awesome glass floors you can stand on and see below you.

In New York City, we visited the Statue of Liberty, went on a mini-day cruise, and saw Ragtime on Broadway.

In Florida, we went to Disney World and did all that entails. That was the first time I had gone, actually, as my family never did vacations. I remember being pretty sunburned haha. We also were in a parade there. Um, I don’t think we saw a musical that year. Weird. At least I can’t remember one.

And Germany.. what a way to end your senior year of high school. I loved it and I want to go back so bad. We came in Düsseldorf, stayed with host families in Duisburg, got to attend school there for a day, saw an opera, went to a soccer game.. We spent a day in Köln, which was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. Germany is beautiful. And there are a ton of sheep. haha.

Most of my memories revolving around these trips have to do with friends.

5. Fought off a scary black snake OF DEATH: It was a dark, stormy night and there was a vicious 20 foot long, 2 feet wide snake IN MY BED UNDER MY PILLOW. And I fought it off with a LIGHT SABER.

Wait. Ok, fine. That might not be right. It was more like this.. I was standing outside in the yard with my Stinky Puppy, and a black/rat snake, slithered out from under our grill and gave me a heart attack. You’re not going to believe this, but I was raised in the country and I had never seen snake before, and it just kept slithering out, more and more.. it was huge, maybe 4-5 feet long. I grabbed Stinky Puppy and ran inside, like a big girl, because I am a girl. I texted my hick friend Erica and she made fun of me. The End.

So, those are my experiences. Your turn. Tell me a story.

Tell me five interesting life experiences you’ve had. Leave me comments here, or blog about them and link me because I would love to read them.

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  • We are obviously both very cool with our lists and our ending questions in bold.

    Let’s see:

    1. Watched the sunset over the Thames from the Tower Bridge in London. Pretty sure that’s when the “wanderlust bug” bit me.

    2. Drove across the country alone. It was beautiful, peaceful, and a reminder that things that sound scary, aren’t always.

    3. Participated in a “teaching shakespeare” institute put on by the Folger Library. One of the most beneficial educational experiences of my life as it’s influence extended beyond “teaching.”

    4. Climbed to the top of the astoria column in Astoria, WA – gorgeous view of the Colombia River delta into the Pacific.

    5. Scuba-dived in the caribbean with the fishes.

    • Lauren

      Yep. We are.

      1. Awesome!!

      2. Haha, SCARY whether you say so or not. I don’t even drive to the store alone most of the time. But cool anyway.

      3. Neat.

      4. Oh! That reminds me that I climbed all the stares at the Cologne/Koln Cathedral. 509 of them! That never ended!

      5. That is really cool. I want to swim with dolphins someday. 😀

  • Doesn’t one have to be interesting and have a life for this??

    • Lauren

      It doesn’t have to be exploration-like. It can be anything interesting.