Snail Mail Monday

I think this was supposed to be a Christmas present, tee hee, but Tina didn’t send the package along until recently. 🙂

Pretty sweet ephemera. I love it. It also gives me good ideas for where I can find my own, maybe while thrifting. (p.s. and candy.. yumm. i got this package over a week ago, so there were more of these haha.)

tina death threat. i am guessing she didn’t expect me to post this part of it, so of course i did.

And the really neat desk calendar from Sure As Blue on Etsy. You can display it how I have it in the CD case it comes in. And each card is a postcard.

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  • Chrissy

    What a great package full of goodies! Love the desk calendar!
    Have a wonderful week!

  • what a neat package! i like old ephemera, too! what fun! neat idea, also, for the calendar with the cd case.

  • that is the cutest desk calendar ever!

  • hahaha!! i totally forgot about that picture! pretty sad since i just sent it a few weeks ago. :p
    i still think it’s really funny that you have a ct card. lol

  • uh. you didn’t post the string.
    what the heck?
    that was the most important, vital piece of the ENTIRE gift!