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30 Days of Lists: 10-15

here’s a bunch of the 30 days of lists. List 10: Wishlist new bed set, ipad, art for walls, tattoo, more lenses, go back to germany List 11: Day Night Ideas out to eat, on a picnic, to the movies, to the beach, let’s go thrifting List 12: Weekly Rituals -how i met your mother, […]

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Last day for giveaway + lists

Aww, thank you for all of the kind comments yesterday. 🙂 two things. 1. Giveaway ends today! If you haven’t yet entered, it’s your last chance. Hopefully I will have a winner here in the next couple of days. 2. Here’s my second 30 Days of Lists. I guess I won’t torture you guys and […]

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30 Days of Lists: a few things about yourself

catholic, wife, sister, photographer, philosopher, reader, adventurer, debater, obsessed with weather, scavenger, loves paper, homemaker, board hoarder, rare steak lover, thinker, steelers fan, artist, contradictory contrary, libertarian, loves winter, procrastinator, stinky puppy & kitty owner, musical, random, perceptive, i

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Snail Mail Monday & 30 Days of Lists

From my friend Hollie right up on my refrigerator. 🙂 I think I’m going to start doing “incoming” and “outgoing” on Snail Mail Monday but I’ll probably forget so you should remind me. 30 Days of Lists is coming up tomorrow, check it out if you want to participate. I’ll be posting mine here. If […]

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