Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA)

Christian Foundation for Children and Aging

I want to introduce you to an organization I support, called the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. CFCA is a child, youth, and aging adult sponsorship organization. I personally like CFCA because I believe in their community work; I like their family approach; and because CFCA is Catholic and I am also Catholic, I know then I can support any Christian education they do provide.

When you sponsor through them, the money goes toward: basic needs (food, clothing, health care), educational needs, recreational activities, and literacy training and livelihood programs for parents.

You can also write and receive letters, pictures and updates, but the neatest thing is that CFCA has something called Awareness Trips, where you can visit the country your child is from, see the local community projects, and meet the child you’re sponsoring! (I fully intend to do this amazing experience one day!)

I’m currently sponsoring a little girl, but I’m going to write about her in another post, because today I want to share two specific (more pressing) projects: birthday week and the Christmas fund!

Every month, CFCA features children that are having birthdays. December is almost over and three children still need sponsors! Please considering sponsoring one for $30 a month!

The CFCA also has a variety of special funds, one of them being the Christmas Fund, where you donate to help families have Christmas celebrations. If you can’t do an ongoing sponsorship, this is a great one-time donation!

Either one of these would be fantastic last minute Christmas presents!

There is a lot going on at CFCA, so please check out their website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube accounts.

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