Polaroid Replicas: Polamatic App

Hey guys! I made these using the Polamatic app, which is really fun and makes your photos look like Polaroids. You can change up the border with different versions – new, almost new, crushed, dusty, pen, tape, etc. You can choose a filter as well.

unhappy stinky kitty says no paparazzi // stinky puppy looking cute // pretty sky // self-portrait of me in a cool hat haha // stinky kitty again // flower sketch on ipad

The last one is a sketch I did on my iPad, just trying to learn how to sketch on an iPad. It’s kind of fun, though difficult and I’m not sure I have the patience for it!

stinky kitty polaroid

stinky puppy

dark sky polaroid

self portrait

stinky kitty

flower sketch polaroid

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  • Sam

    The cat looks so wise in that second one. Like someone you’d sit in silence with for a while, then ask for some nugget of life wisdom.

    Then she’d answer with something like, “You never know what you have till you lose it,” and go back to silence.

  • Great photos! You have such cute fur babies 🙂

    • Lauren

      thanks! i love my fur babies!

  • I love things like this, I used to use poladroid on my computer which was fun.

    I especially love the second photo!

    • Lauren

      yeah, me too, it’s a lot of fun! and thanks!