Instagram: beach, food and a cute little deer

Hey! So, I have a bunch of pictures from Instagram to share, except, I’m a cheater, these aren’t all Instagram, shhh, don’t tell.

This is the dock at our beach (the little beach on the river, a five minute walk from our house)

dock at arden on the severn

A feather found on the beach.

feather at arden on the severn

This little deer (I have two) I’ve had since I was little. I keep seeing similar ones around from vintage shops or Etsy, but this one is mine haha. What I mean is that I didn’t thrift this, I’ve had it forever.

vintage deer

And this is a vintage Avon perfume, it was my mom’s. I have two boxes of all these old perfume/cologne bottles (with perfume still in them) that she collected. I still don’t know what I want to do with them, but there is this little honeybee one, a deer, a thermos, Thomas Jefferson’s gun, a gear shift for a car and all kinds of other things.

honeybee avon perfume

My new haircut. Not the best pictures, but there you go. 😀



Stinky Puppy!! I love this picture. It’s not a real Polaroid, sshhhh, but I think it came out really cool.

stinky puppy

Food from Paladar, a Latin restaurant and rum bar. We went on Monday and it was amazing. It’s definitely added to my favorites places – along with a Mexican place, an Afghan place, Indian food from a pizza place, and tacos out of the back of a gas station, haha.

We got chips and sausa/guacamole to start, the chips were a mix of plaintain, yucca, malanga and tortilla. I loved the plantain and uhh the circle one, haha, whichever one that one was. I think malanga.

Double-Fried Smashed Plantains topped with our Slow Roasted Mojo Pork and a Fresh Radish Salad drizzled with Aji Verde

tostones from paladar

This was really really spicy but really really good!

Tender Pieces of Lamb, Cinnamon Rice Pilaf and Hominy slowly simmered in a slightly spicy Jalapeño-Cilantro Broth and topped with Crumbled Queso Fresco Cheese and our Housemade Pico De Gallo

jalapeno spiced lamb stew from paladar

Mojito. I dunno, this one was good, way better than others I’ve tried, but I’m not a mojito fan. But it’s definitely pretty haha.

mojito from paladar

And, just some rain drops.


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  • ana

    love the haircut 🙂 i really wish i had the guts to cut my hair short. sigh.

    great Polaroid too, even if it’s not real – looks convincing for sure.

    • Lauren

      Thanks! I’ve had my hair all lengths, it’s just hair, go for it!

  • Sam

    I always like your pictures. And now I want Paladar again haha.

  • brenda

    hey! i’m fairly certain i still have a little deer like/similar to that and yep, it’s old, like maybe something from the 60’s? cool!

    cute haircut!

    i think my husband would enjoy some of that jalapeno lamb stew dish!

    • Lauren

      That is really cool!