Postcard: I love North Carolina

Hey everyone! So, this week’s postcard speaks for itself.

My mom was from Pinebluff, North Carolina so that’s how I have this one.

Postcard - I love North Carolina

And I do love North Carolina! Though, I’ve only been to Pinebluff and the Outerbanks on vacation, but I have been there. The last time I visited Pinebluff is a town that makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time; it has about 1400 people and it’s quiet and peaceful. I loved going there growing up and visiting the Baptist church where my mom went and everyone knowing me because of her. The last time I visited was a few years ago and I heard a lot of “wow, you look just like your mom!”

When I think of North Carolina, I think of fire ants and pine trees. Supposedly, once when I was little, I got attacked by fire ants while playing in the sandbox in the backyard at my grandma’s house. I don’t remember it happening, but I’ve heard the story many times.

Oh, and southern accents, of course! My mom lost her accent so I never heard her use it, but I heard she did have a strong one at one point.

There wasn’t anything printed or written on the back, but pretty cool anyway, I think!

Check out the rest of my Postcard Project.

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  • i love NC too, but will always be a GA girl.;)

  • i loooove seeing the postcards!

  • I love this series. I’m such a fan of postcards…I always ask my friends to send me one when they travel. It’s a novelty I can’t get over. I even used them as RSVPs for my wedding! =D


    • Lauren

      Thanks! That is really cool. 😀

      This isn’t exactly the same, but I’ve taken Christmas cards from the previous year and cut off the front, and used them as a postcard and sent those out.

  • I grew up an hour or so from Pinebluff as a kid. 🙂

    • Lauren

      Yay, that is awesome! Have you been to Pinebluff?

      • I may have but not sure. haha