Beach pictures

The other day, I came across some photos on my point and shoot that I had never put on my computer, so I thought I’d share them. They’re as is, unedited and I remember mostly taking them to play with the settings on my camera, which was new at the time.

They’re from last August, and taken at the beach at the river near our house.


But before I share them, I just want to point out that I updated my blog! So, if you’re reading in a reader, click through and come look at it. I’m not quite done, but I really like the way it looks!

Some of the changes I made:

    • Changed the fonts, sizes, colors, banner, etc.. a lot of little changes here and there.
    • Added new icons for social media, under my photo.
    • Added a “Pin It” button at the end of every post. I know there’s been some controversy with Pinterest somewhat recently, so I’m letting you know that I welcome pinning!
    • Changed my photo! I really love this photo of me taken by my husband.
    • Created a Google + page for this blog. Follow me!
    • Joined Hello Cotton, added a badge on the side, and you can also follow me there.

So, please go have a look! I can wait.


Alright, now that you’re back, here are the photos! (Ok, the last one is Stinky Puppy and not from the beach. I snuck that one in.) My favorite is the first boat picture.

I actually found a second batch of photos that I’ve never done anything with that I’m going to share later. It’s like a fun surprise, haha. This is actually the first time this has ever happened to me, and it happened twice in a row, ha.

Does this ever happen to you?

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  • These pictures are great. I love the tilt-shift effect.

    And the blog’s looking good too. How much to redo mine?

    • Lauren

      One week long trip to Maine.

  • These are really cool! You must have a nice camera. My phone camera is actually better than my point and shoot.

    Oh, and yes, I’ve found unexpected pictures on my camera. I was flipping through the ones stored on the internal memory recently and found…pictures of me giving birth to Abby. That was unexpected for a variety of reasons. Wowzer.

    • Thanks! It’s a Canon Powershot, pretty basic line, but some cool things to play with.

      Haha.. were you eating then? 😛 I hope it ended in a spit take or something bwah ha.