Magnetic Nail Polish

Disclaimer: I was given this Sally Hansen nail polish from Influenster for test purposes.

This magnetic nail polish is really cool! You put on two coats and on the second coat, you hold the magnet inside of the cap over the nail polish and it creates this effect. It looks cool AND it fulfills my need to play with magnets, haha!

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  • I saw this on your IG and loved it! Never heard of that nail polish. I bet that would be something Leonie’d like!
    Hugs xxx

    • Lauren

      It’s really cool and it’s pretty easy to do – she’d probably think it cool to play with the magnet!

  • Wet n wild has come out with a magnetic nail polish too. Just bought some and it doesn’t look too bad. Their magnetic cap is way too chunky though and it’s a little difficult at first to keep your fingernail under it without smudging the polish.

    • Lauren