Quick Takes

I don’t think I’m going to do this every week, but I think I will today. 😀 Just because my friend Tina did it. There.


Let’s see.. you guys should definitely go back one post and read the Draw Something post and participate. If you don’t, I will cry. You don’t really want to make someone cry, do you? That’s kind of mean.


So, since January, we have been in the “process” of trying to move. Our landlord was going to sell our house, and our lease was up in March, so we were going to take that chance to move out of Maryland and back to where I grew up in PA. Well, that is not working out. Not.at.all. And then like a month or so ago, our landlord told us that they decided they’re not going to sell now, at least not this year, so we can stay and we could go month to month in rent until June and then we would have to sign a 6-8 month lease through the “worst rental times of the year”. So, we decided that we really did want to leave and we would go ahead and keep looking until the end of May.

Well, there are no signs of anything happening, we’re running out of time to actually be able to move so I think we’ve decided to go ahead and stay and sign that lease. I’m really frustrated that I’ve essentially wasted the last four months stressing and worrying over this, just for it to end anti-climatically, but what are you going to do? Plus, we have all of our books packed up.. how will I live? haha And the house.. is a mess.. and now we have to live with boxes in piles and all of that, which isn’t particularly thrilling to me.

Additionally, I’m frustrated because my sister is leaving in August and instead of trying to save money all this time knowing that we’d be up there by the beginning of summer, I could have been regularly visiting. So yeah, I’m pretty mad about the whole thing.


On the other hand (look at me trying to be optimistic), because of timing and more money being saved and a few other things I don’t really want to explain/get into right  now, this leaves us with the possible opportunity of going somewhere else at the end of the lease.. as in.. not Harrisburg, PA. Maybe Pittsburgh, PA, where I have other family.. or maybe somewhere fancy like NYC or like.. I dunno.. Maine. It also means that because of how much we already have saved and how much time we’ll have left, we can now do a few things like:

– buy a second car (we’re thinking about a new car.. first one ever in my life, that would be exciting!)

– get me an iPad

– pay off a bit of debt.

– buy a new bed or couch (badly, badly needed)

– go to Joplin, MO (see next number)

– actually leave the house on the weekend

– go to the bank, get out lots of bills, throw them on the bed and wallow around in them screaming “We’re rich! We’re rich!”

(anyway, pick two.. or something)


Ok.. Joplin, MO. Clearly, everyone’s favorite vacation spot, hence why we’re going there. Haha. Orrrr maybe it’s because my husband’s family lives there. Yeah, that could be it. So, yeah, my husband is from Joplin and I lived there from 2005 until 2009, when we moved out here and due to life getting in the way, we have yet to go back and visit. It’s bad, I know (luckily, we were able to at least some some family when we went to Colorado at the end of 2010). We planned on going in January, but then we found out about having to move, so that got postponed until after our move. Well, now we should be able to go, though I’m still not sure exactly when but at least we can start thinking about it again.

And I already have plans. Muah ha ha. You see, Elsie’s brick and mortar shop, Red Velvet Art is in Springfield, MO, oh yes, and I plan on seeing it in person.  Don’t worry, I’ll rub it in your face, and say things like “na na na na na” when I do. 😉

I’m also really interested in seeing Joplin since the tornado hit. I know a lot of cleanup has been done but I also know that it’s still pretty bad, so that should definitely be interesting.


Oh my gosh, the way I talk, I’m never going to get through this.  Uhh, okay, so my face gets twitchy and weird feeling after I take B vitamins. Is that weird? Dr. Google isn’t telling me anything. haha

Also, Stinky Puppy is snoring right now.

Also, I just finished reading Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. It’s not as good as Delirium, but I still really like it. I dunno.. 2nd book syndrome.. except the ending. I still want to give it 4/5 stars though. The 3rd one needs to be out now though.

Also, I want to do Birchbox. But I can’t decide if I want to do Birchbox or BeautyArmy or Eco-Emi. Probably Birchbox though since I gifted it to a friend for Christmas and I’ve been wanting to since.


I hate May and June and July. I hate May because of Mother’s Day, June because my mom died in June 2003 and because of Father’s Day and July because my dad died in July this last year. It’s going to be rough, especially coming up on the first anniversary of my dad’s death. :/


But.. May also has my wedding anniversary.. May 19th.

So, yes, my five year wedding anniversary is coming up! Five years! I don’t know what we’re doing (I wouldn’t mind jewelry.. haha) or anything but yeah, definitely cool.

Technically May also has my “engagement day” anniversary haha. We got engaged on May 20th, 2004, so that was like a million years ago.

So, yeah there we go. 7 “quick” takes. If I was the one who created and named this, it would definitely be “7 long, endless rambles”, just saying.

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  • Aww yay! I love quick takes! And I love that you mentioned me! And I love Lauren!