So, I might possibly maybe just slightly be obsessed with magazines lately. Just maybe. Like, as in, these are all from recently.

  • Cabinet – literature
  • ReadyMade
  • Real Simple
  • Filter – music
  • Dwell
  • Allure
  • Whole Living – this is better than i thought it would be
  • Marie Claire – my favorite of the fashion mags
  • Zoetrope – literature, actually my husband’s
  • Elle – second fave of the fashion mags
  • Fresh Home
  • Interview – never heard of this one before but i love the pictures
  • American Craft – meh
  • And yes, there is a Farmers’ Almanac there too.

I’m subscribed to Dwell, ReadyMade, Marie Claire and Allure. My next subscription purchases are going to be between Nylon, Atomic Ranch, Bookmarks & Bust. [And for the non-visual – Magnificat & Reason] I have a list of dream magazines haha, but I can’t justify paying the huge amount for them – Frankie, Anthology, UPPERCASE, Selvedge, Lula.

What are you subscribed to or just like to grab to read?

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  • i don’t subscribe to anything b/c i’m a cheap-o. but i do love going to b&n and reading. my faves are: real simple, hi fructose, w magazine, entertainment wkly and martha stewart. little bit of everything. :]

    • Lauren

      Hi Fructose is pretty cool!

  • Sam

    I really need to finish reading that Zoetrope

  • Ah, magazines are one thing that I don’t really read anymore! I used to be subscribed to YM, haha. But that was about it! I don’t think we get all of those in Canada, bummer! I’m always so interested in checking out Ready Made.

    • Lauren

      @Holly – I used to be subscribed to YM too, in high school. And in college I was subscribed to US News and World Report. lol.

  • ana

    hm. i don’t really read too many magazines, but national geographic (hah). 🙂 but your collection sure is amazing there. i may have too look into some of the ones you mentioned.

    • Lauren

      Magazines are pretty much a new thing for me! But they’re kinda addicting now.

  • Meg

    I currently subscribe to Nylon (have for a few years now.. Love, LOVE it). My mom gets Real Simple and then passes them right on to me.
    I’ve been thinking about subscribing to Bust. A few you listed look like they could be right up my alley too. I’m hopeless with magazines, I love them!
    Maybe someday I’ll start blogging again and share what I do with magazines when I’m done. It’s a silly thing but it’s fun!

  • Although I haven’t quite gotten to that extent, I have the same problem! I mostly stick to Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and every now and then an interesting art or photography mag.

    I can’t help it though! They know how to sucker me in with those catchy cover briefs!

  • I had to cut myself off, I was getting too many magazines and never managed to read them.

    But I love magazines on fitness, running and food and wine- go figure.



  • Ah! I’m a HUGE Cosmo fan, but I have resorted to reading online now because they’re soo expensive (and with gas these days!)

    LOVE love love the pictures – you have such a gift for photography!

  • gosh, i haven’t read a magazine in what seems like forever!! when people visit from the states they bring them to me though 🙂

  • i just LOVE that window! EEE!!!
    yes. i’m commenting on the window and not your obsession with magazines. i figure if anything is going to get praise it will be the window. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TREES YOU ARE KILLING?! :p
    yeah. i’m not a tree hugger…i really should step off that soapbox.
    *stepping down*

  • I’m not a huge magazine reader, but I do pick up Elle or InStyle every now and then. Alot of these I haven’t seen though. They look pretty good!

  • I love reading Harpers Bazaar! and what a cute spot you have for reading magazines. I would fill that with pillows and take a nap!

    Miss Neira