Christmas Decorations

My mice (favorite thing ever!!) & my “human beans” hahahahah!!

These are my favorite ornaments, I really like the old, small wooden ones and the handpainted ones.

Sam doesn’t like the first one – I have a whole set of those homemade ornaments from pins that they did way back, haha. Most of the ornaments I have are from the tree we had growing up, so I have all old stuff (which is fine by me!) And of course, this other one is my baby one!

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  • Your home and Christmas decorations are so very cute! I love the little mice too. We have all of our childhood ornaments as well. We also try to get one from everyplace we visit. I like to think of it as a memory tree. So much fun.

    love love,
    Fritzi Marie

  • oh, your tree looks beautiful!

    i have major tree envy going on right now. ours looks so sad and pathetic with no ornaments, and the branches slowly being broken by fat kitties…

  • Hi Lauren!
    Can’t dream in books! Not cool. I bet you can fix it though. Just read a freaky book before bed. So far it’s working for me. HAHA!

    I love your decorations! Especially your holly on the stairwell and your nativity!

  • Chrissy

    Everything looks gorgeous!!! Love your cute tree!! And the mice are super sweet!

  • Meg

    Gorgeous! Your home looks amazing!
    I have that same “Baby’s First Christmas” rattle ornament… I think in my dad’s attic 🙂