Pregnancy: 38 Weeks


Sam took this really quickly on Sunday right as it was starting to freezing rain.. figured we better get it just in case I randomly go into labor at any moment now, hehe!

The nursery is painted, but it’s not finished. Everything is actually in the room and accessible, but no decorating has been done (and probably won’t get done before Baby – which is okay because she won’t be sleeping in there for months anyway).

We got our bassinet in our room and eeek, it’s really squeezed in there. [this babyletto bassinet] Luckily, we didn’t have to move the bed over (we thought we would) because there is no way that I could move our king sized bed, it’s very heavy. Sadly, Sam and I have to switch sides of the bed, so I can be beside the bassinet. We’ve tried it out and ugh, it feels so weird. Eww. It’s all wrong and life feels turned all upside-down haha. New baby? Pfft, that will be nothing in comparison to having to sleep on the WRONG side of the bed!

Speaking of horribleness in life.. Never in my life have ever had to do something as difficult as folding baby wash cloths and jersey knit bassinet sheets. This is the stuff of nightmares, folks. The wash clothes curl.. CURL. You need 10 more fingers to be able to fold them. And the fitted sheet? You know how bad adult fitted sheets are, right? Well, this is like 39804904293023 times worse.. something about the jersey knit material, you just cannot fold them without weird lumps and wrinkles in them.. like, you pull one way and it creates new folds, and you pull another and it creates more. It’s PURE EVIL.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that labor will be easy compared to trying to fold those items. 😉 😉

And I’m pretty sure my fingers are way too fat and stupid and lacking of any and all dexterity to fold the baby clothes too.. everything is way too tiny..

My hospital bag is packed and we have mostly all we need (at least everything we need for the first few days). We still have a few things on our registry, mostly two bigger items (swing/bouncer and Ergo carrier) and some cloth diapering stuff (which we’re not going to start immediately anyway). We mostly bought out the rest of the registry this week, with a bunch of little things and the bassinet, but I really want that swing soon!

I’m kind of excited to be giving birth at Holy Spirit Hospital (a Catholic hospital), too, because they seem really fantastic. We took a tour and they have a jacuzzi bath in the rooms (you can use all the way up until delivery), they have adjustable beds for trying out different labor positions, they provide everything you need for your baby (diapers, onesies, etc), they’re very open about your choices and what you want to do (including some of the more interesting things like taking home your placenta), they allow you to eat while laboring – they also provide a kitchen full of snacks, and the Sisters give all new moms a birthcake for their baby (aww!).

My own laboring choices are in the ball park of “I’d like to try that tub out until I give in and beg for an epidural”, but I love the different options – it feels like there is an appropriate mix of medical and non-medical.

It’s soooo soon! Eek! As in it could be pretty much any day now. I actually wrote this post on Sunday ahead of time and for all I know I will go into labor before this is posted, haha. I’m scared and excited and nervous and finally feeling like this is real. I really can’t wait to meet our baby girl, see what she looks like, learn her personality, and of course, find out what we’re going to name her. 😉

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