Image Through Images

Some people are very consistent across the board, but I think a lot of us tend to show different aspects of ourselves to different people. And I think this image of ourselves can be captured in photos.


I see these photos and think this is how other people view me – both visually and in personality. They’re nice photos, I like them, I think they’re flattering enough – nothing bad, but they feel different than what I see as my essence. The person I portray in them seems.. a superficial version of me? I don’t relate to the person I see in them, but yet I am sure others see me this way.

But this second batch of photos I feel are more authentic to me, both personality and what I see when I see myself in the mirror. And I think they’re flattering as well – though it seems most people would prefer the first batch.

My theory is that the first batch is more consistent with what others may view as normal, appropriate or even pretty and that is why they like it better (the first photo being the most “tidy and socially appropriate”) – even if the person in the picture isn’t quite “normal”, “appropriate” and thinks she is “prettier” in the second batch.

(The last one is old, from high school, I think maybe around age 16, but it’s still one of my favorites.)

483490_10104273728106504_1360312921_n IMG_4710IMG_4754 IMG_3443IMG_3788 IMG_4755

I think they’re all aspects of me, but I think it’s interesting that they all seem different and that I relate to some better than others.

Do you look consistent in most of your photos or do you have any that just seem more “you” than others? Do other people see you differently than you see yourself?

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