Haiku: Stick Man

I wrote this haiku years ago, and I was thinking it would be really cool to do a collaboration with someone using it.

little man in book

he whispers murderous plots

peculiar man, dance!

I envision a stop motion video of a flip book with a stick figure running across the pages of a book (where the pages are also moving). (All of a sudden I just got flashes of Teeny Little Super Guy, anyone else?) I’d love to try to do this myself, but uhh, huge learning curve.. who knows, maybe I’ll try anyway! But I’d really love to hear ideas from other people.

(Now is a good time to mention that all of my work is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, which means anyone is free to share, remix and make commercial use of my work as long as I receive credit and it’s published under this same license. Please click link to read more.)

If you have an account at HitRecord.org, you can collaborate with me over there. Orrrr.. you can just follow me! I’d love to see your work!

Even if you are not interested in collaboration (no big deal, I just thought I’d mention it in passing), I’d love if you’d share with me what you think.. what ideas this inspires? What do you like/dislike about it? What does it make you think of/what do you think it means?

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