Photos: York Fair

I finally got my quintessential “hipster” photo and can check that off my bucket list and become an official hipster. I went to the York Fair, in PA last weekend and I had a great time. I road the gravitron, which is pretty much the best ride in existence, ever. I mean come on, you can STICK TO A WALL.

But the shot I love that I got is this first one of the swings.

We are leaving for Missouri tomorrow! So, hopefully I will blog some from my phone, but we’ll see. We’re driving, so it’s going to take forever, so that’s plenty of time to send pointless photos to my blog, yes? haha

Prayers for a safe trip, please!

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  • I’ve never been on the gravatron, though I’ve always kind of wanted to.

    I hope your trip is great. Say hi to my family for me! 😉

  • Such great photos!!

  • Love these pics. That first one is my fave!!