Old Poetry

Hey, it’s Friday, yay!

Ok guys, are you ready to make fun of me?

I’m going to share some old poetry I wrote in hmm.. middle school? They were written for school (I didn’t write poetry on my own growing up) and I think I got some kind of award for them, because I remember having to read them in front of some women’s group.

I think we were assigned to write either a short story or poetry, and I always picked poetry because I thought it was easier.

I don’t know if you can tell, but the last one references the Holocaust.

I think it’s interesting that they’re all thematic and [externally] idealistic.


We all believe in different ways,
And do things differently,
But we all experience love and care
And friends and family.

Everyone is different,
Yet, we are all the same.
Why can’t we see it’s what’s inside,
And stop the hate and blame?

Peace on earth is quite a wish,
Though impossible it may appear.
If we look past what we think we see,
We see there’s nothing left to fear.


Ground covered with cold, white snow
Beautiful evergreen.
The sky is mystical and deep
And twinkling stars are seen.

Thousands of people gather around,
For the lighting in the square.
No one will make a sound
For the beauty they are about to share.

One day of the year,
Friends and even enemies together
Everyone has fun and looks
Beyond the still, cold weather.

In the background, yet so faint
The joyous sounds are clear.
Christmas carolers they can hear,
The melodies so near.

The glorious tree is finally aglow
And children’s eyes so brights,
And the moment that was very slow
Is here– the glorious light!


The battlecry of freedom,
Oppressive cries of rage–
Longing for the life they miss,
Trapped in a timeless cage.

Family and friends taken away,
Never to experience peace.
Hunger, weak and dying,
Their will to live has ever ceased.

The few are left to wonder why,
They are the ones to pay.
What did they do to deserve
This path without a way?

“You don’t fit in!
You’re not the same!
You’ll work and slave,
Your life no gain!”

Why are they different,
With teary eyes they cry!
The love and hope they barely know
Is gone and they must die.

So, do you guys have any old writing to dig out and share?

Do you find it interesting, amusing.. weird?

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