Snail Mail Monday

It’s back, yay! I finally am getting mail again, because umm, I’m actually writing back again, lol.

My legs are so covered with bug bites, I counted at least 26 of them, at quick count and I’ve barely been outside! Apparently living near the water means a lot of mosquitoes, gosh who knew? 😉 😉

Chrissy from Whimsical Poppysmic does this feature called Awkward & Awesome and I don’t nearly have as many of either as she has in her crazy life, haha, but I totally have an awkward to share.

I found this really cute vintage bike on Craigslist in Baltimore for $30. It had new blue tires on it, and the bike was tan/brown vintagey, brown seat, 10 speed. So, I contact the seller, it’s still available, I set up a time to come and buy it. We get there, and get this.. she sold it! And it couldn’t have been more than about 10 minutes before we got there because we actually ran into the person who bought the bike. What on earth? Who does that?

Anyway, on to the snail mail.. Oh! This first one? The person actually wrote the letter on this piece of paper & folded it into an envelope! So cool.

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  • Speaking of snail mail, pretty soon I’m going to get a new wax-seal stamp with the single initial “D” on it to signify the whole family. =) Am I a nerd because this excites me?

    • You’re talking to someone who has a regular feature on her blog called “Snail Mail Monday”, who is a member of the Letter Writing Alliance and who orders her own stamps – I don’t think I can accurately judge the nerdiness of that! 😉 haha