right behind the trees

Yesterday we went to *our* beach for awhile – it’s the first time the water was actually tolerable, but I didn’t have my swim suit on.

So, behind this big clump of trees somewhere is one of Pat Sajak’s two houses! How cool is that? We live right across the river from him. I was standing right in the sand in this pic.

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  • pat sajak! i haven’t heard that name in awhile, that is so random! people here are swimming but they are crazy, it’s still cold 🙂

  • Wow-that’s crazy and gorgeous! I would *love* to have a place like that to walk to from my house.

  • nice. i want to visit!

  • I had no idea who that guy was; I had to ask Josh 😛

  • This atcrlie keeps it real, no doubt.