Giveaway Winner

Yay!! Stinky Puppy helped out by choosing the winner!

And Stinky Husband helped out by holding up the paper. I mean come on, stinky puppies don’t have opposable thumbs!

And the winner is..

Tsuki from Little Gray Fox!
Send me an email with your address to orange@.

I love short & sweet too! 🙂 It’s really cool reading all the preferences. It seems like most like short & sweet.

Thank you everyone for entering! There were 90-ish entries. So crazy! I have a lot of new blogs to go visit, haha.

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  • Yay!! Congrats to Tsuki!

  • Sweet!!! Two stinkys!! i’m so excited! thank you! 🙂

  • woohoo! congrats pal!

  • i love stinky puppy.
    i like stinky husband.