DIY: Make Your Own Envelopes & Letter Sets

I participated in a “repurposed letterset” swap on Swap-bot. You take something like an atlas, calendar, magazine pages, or an old book to create a handmade letterset.

I took one of my envelopes that I really like the design of and tore it apart to use as a template.

Then I chose these thrifted quilting books, since well, I will never quilt, haha! I used the covers as the envelopes.

Then I traced the template and cut it out.

Hopefully, knowing where to fold is straight forward.

Tip: Line up a ruler to each edge and then fold it across the ruler. Don’t put the ruler right over where you need to fold though, put it down just a bit, so it looks like you’re going to overshoot the fold. It will make your corners line up much better.

Obviously, a bone folder would work perfectly if I owned one.

Then glue it. I like to glue the bottom on top of the sides – I think it looks nicer than the left/right side being on top, but it’s up to you.

Tip: You can get what’s called glue runner or tape runner at craft stores and it works very well for this.

Finally, I took two random pages from the book, ones that had the most blank spots on them, to use as the pages to write on.

Final letter set!

A few other envelopes I’ve made!

If you’ve made it this far through my torturous awesome first tutorial, I made up an envelope template for you to download, so it will be easier for you to make your own envelopes. You can print it and either trace it on other paper or just use it for your envelope.

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  • I was about to go out and buy some evelopes tomorrow but this idea is SO much better!


  • so awesome!
    you’re so creative!

  • Chrissy

    Love it! They turned out beautiful!

  • I’m excited to try this! Expect a DIY envelope from yours truly soon-ish!

  • oooh. I want to try!

  • I love love love this idea.

  • Awesome!!!

  • Thanks for the great tutorial and template. Do you think the DIY envies will make it OK through the mail? The USPS machines are so hard on things!

  • Lauren

    @Aimee I think it probably depends on what paper you use! I know that people on Swapbot mentioned that if you use magazine paper, you might want to double it or line it with something else.

  • what a creative idea! thanks for the template, also. i’ve already printed it! i’ve kept some of those gift card envelopes for the same type idea. i’m thinking maybe cardstock or possibly magazine covers that are sturdier would be able to make it through the mail; surely they’d be as strong as some of those envelopes they sell now 🙂

  • Samantha Baros

    Very cute! This will be a great way to recycle some paper and make a great project at the same time!

    Flutterflies22 Swap-bot

  • Aki

    Very cute letter set! Great idea to use your quilt book, I love how it turned out.
    Thank you for the downloadable template, I will try this one 🙂
    akilovessweets from swap-bot

  • Anzhelik

    This is such a great idea! I tried this and sent it to my boyfriend who is in Afgan right now. He loved the idea (: Thank you so much!