Bamboo Ink Sketch

Wanna see my horrid attempt at sketching using a bamboo dip pen?? Why, of course you do!!

This homemade pen was in with some other things I received and I wanted to try it out. Let’s just say it’s impossible, haha! And messy! You should see how many globs of ink there are in the picture (and how many I had to clean up). I decided to color it in with my fancy colored pencils and it’s kinda almost cute now, right? haha

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  • Chrissy

    It’s amazing! You are so talented!!

  • i yike it.

  • That is much better than I could do! I’m a lousy painter/drawer tho. I’m better at craftier things and less artistic things, lol.

  • the picture is NOT horrible though, I like it!

  • I think it looks pretty good actually.

  • Hollie

    I like it! You always have the best art 🙂