IKEA wishlist

Went to IKEA today and took some (really bad) pictures of some of the things I want.

i want this over the back of the couch.

this over the new old kitchen table, which you haven’t seen yet.

this on the side table

this in my crafting place that exists but doesn’t

this on the buffet/tv stand (but i wish it was yellow)

these are just awesome..

was a contender for the side table but probably won’t be picked.

not sure but i love this bad

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  • I have been eyeing that numbers poster for ages! I love it so much!

  • You suck for being near an Ikea ;( I love that place and uhh eating there too cause it’s cheap. Their baby/kid department makes me to decorate for my non existant kids!

  • Meg

    I LOOOOVE that first lamp. Would look cute on my one side table. But I’m about 2/2.5 hours away from an Ikea (one to the west and one to the east).
    Also love the first two pictures… those are different 🙂

  • i love the optometry lamps at the end- ikea is so good!

  • always got to enjoy a good old trip to Ikea 🙂

  • I wish I lived close to an Ikea. They are all at least 1.5 hour drive if not more. I think you could make the fist two art pieces yourself though…but I always look at stuff like that :P. I love the lamp!